The Strain Trilogy Is Coming To A Television Near You! (As Long You Have Cable, That Is)

The StrainGuillermo Del Toro is, it goes without saying, one of my favorite directors working today.  His work is always interesting, even if doesn’t make billions of dollars.  He’s been working with Legendary Pictures since “Pacific Rim,” which did OK at the boxoffice.

I haven’t heard anything about a sequel, though he’s currently working on “Crimson Peak,”, also with Legendary as well as Charlie Hunnam (and probably Ron Perlman, who if anyone could be called his muse, it would be him).

But as much as I enjoyed ‘Rim,’ I am not writing about that.  Instead I am writing about the series he has coming on FX, based on the series of books he wrote with Chuck Hogan, which consist of “The Strain,” “The Fall” and “The Night Eternal.”

The storyline is vaguely similar to Stephen King’s “Salem’s Lot” in which a plague of vampires–’plague’ is an apt word because Del Toro and Dixon treat the vampires as an disease (which is actually quite similar to what he did in “Blade II).

  The Eclipse

Body Bags

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