Why I’ll (Likely) Not See ‘Aquaman’

I purchased a ticket for Escape Room recently (which looks like a cross between Cube, Saw and maybe even a little bit of Cabin In The Woods) but I haven’t yet seen Aquaman-though I caught Bumblebee, which is pretty good. And that’s saying something for a Transformers movie-and short of Netflix or DVD, have no […]

The Living – Review

“The Ties The Bind Are Nurtured By Blood” Jack Bryan‘s The Living is a pretty impressive thriller that revolves around a man, Teddy (a virtually unrecognizable Fran Kranz, Cabin in The Woods) who after a night of drinking beats his wife, Molly (Jocelin Donahue). He had no memory of it happening, but Molly’s bruised and bloody […]

‘Mine Games’ Review

“”Mine Games” Is A Well-Done Thriller That Doesn’t Overstay It’s Welcome.” Mind Games is a pretty savory bit of murder and seemingly random violence that from the start drops hints designed to lead you in one direction, while the narrative heads in another. It’s a pretty clever movie in other ways as well.  For instance, […]