Why I’ll (Likely) Not See ‘Aquaman’

I purchased a ticket for Escape Room recently (which looks like a cross between Cube, Saw and maybe even a little bit of Cabin In The Woods) but I haven’t yet seen Aquaman-though I caught Bumblebee, which is pretty good. And that’s saying something for a Transformers movie-and short of Netflix or DVD, have no intention of doing so.

And sure, Aquaman is getting decent, though mixed, reviews but I think I’m done with the DCEU (as if currently exists) in the same way I was done with Transformers before Bumblebee (I might have seen the first two movies in theaters because my skull is particularly thick and it takes time for things to sink in).

Though in the case of more recent movies based on DC Comics characters they’re the product of such cynicism.

Keep in mind the DCEU was for a time the brain child of Zach Snyder, who had so little faith in the subject matter that he had to warp and distort the characters that make it up.

And his touch, his taint is all over it.

And I’ve raised the point before-and it’s worth repeating-that one of the things I like about Marvel is that they kept their characters relatively intact from the versions that exist in the comics.

And sure, they’re exceptions-such as of Arnim Zola, Crossbones, Vision, etc from Captain America: The Winter Soldier-that differ from strict interpretations but they (essentially) retain the traits that comic fans know and love.

And sure, you can lay all the problems with the DCEU at Snyder’s feet, though that wouldn’t be fair because he had relatively little-besides tone-to do with the mess that is Suicide Squad, for instance.

Nor did Snyder force Warner Bros to keep him on when he should have been shown the door-at that latest-after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

So, I have not seen Aquaman and till I can get over the multiple layers of incompetence and cynicism that produced them I won’t be seeing any DCEU movies.

2 thoughts on “Why I’ll (Likely) Not See ‘Aquaman’

  1. I’ve read good things about Escape Room, much to my surprise (if I’m being honest)!

    However, as someone who disliked everything about the DCEU (save for Wonder Woman) I did not have high expectations going into Aquaman. I was proven conpletely wrong. Aquaman is a brilliantly cheesy film with a lot of heart and action, to boot. Seriously, man. One day I hope you give it a chance!!! But I understand why you feel the way you do about the DCEU… Justice League was just an absolute trainwreck. 😞

    1. That’s one of the things that bothers me most: How difficult is it to make a (faithful) superhero movie based on some of the more iconic superheroes on the planet?

      That they can’t seem to do so tells me they either don’t get the characters or they don’t care enough to interpret them accurately.

      And I have seen every DCEU movie–up to Aquaman–in theaters and at this point I’m just done. When I get the feeling that they have some idea of what they’re doing I might get reengaged but at this time I’m not too interested.

      And I don’t want cheese in the first movie for a character (Aquaman has made appearances in Batman V Superman and Justice League).

      You have to work your way up to cheese, especially with this particular interpretation of the character (the version in the comics? Not so much).

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