Postmortem: The Thing (2011)

With John Carpenter’s 1982 movie The Thing–based on Christian Nyby’s 1951 movie The Thing From Another World and the original John Campbell short novel, Who Goes There?–we got to see a director at the peak of his powers.

X-File A Day – “Ice”

I should mention that the episode order is going to be a little off for a bit because the idea came to me when I was already into re-watching the series, which I started doing because my memories of it are pretty favorable. “Ice” is the eighth episode of the First season.  It revolves a of group […]

‘The Thing’ Teaser Poster

I don’t think that that “The Thing” will be the final title of the film, though it’s accurate in the sense that’s it’s a prequel to John Carpenter’s 1982 cult classic, one can easily mistake it as a ‘reboot,’ which are very popular these days. The teaser poster is OK, though I think the tagline […]