REview: Black Summer, Season 2 (2019- ) | The Dead Don’t Skip Cardio

Part of what bothers me about the current iteration of zombie – popularized (and ruined) by Zach Snyder, which is par for the course – is that they veer from the blueprint, the Bible, written by George Romero, who proclaimed from the mount that was Night of the Living Dead (1968) that ‘Zombies don’t run, […]

Passengers – Official Trailer

Visually, Morten Tyldum’s Passengers holds a huge debt to Pixar’s Wall-E, Danny Boyle’s Sunshine and Apple’s design esthetic. In other words, it’s attractive, but doesn’t appear to strike any new ground. The same thing can be said of the story, which revolves around two people who accidentally emerge from suspended animation 90 years too (or was it?), […]

Steve Jobs – Official Trailer 1

Michael Fassbender appears to be an excellent Steve Jobs in Steve Jobs.  That being said, the trailer seems to spend a bit of time focusing on some of his more…unsavory behaviors, such has the way he was a dick toward his ex.  It comes off a bit unseemly, though I guess as long as it’s balanced by […]

Steve Jobs – Teaser Trailer

When the news came out that David Fincher was no longer directing the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, and that Danny Boyle was, people on various forums were complaining about what a terrible choice that was (especially compared to Fincher). I wasn’t amongst them because I have always thought that Boyle was a very talented director.  Everything […]

‘Trance’ Trailer

Finally a ‘Red Band’ trailer that justifies the name! I am a huge Danny Boyle fan.  Even when his films don’t quite strike the right tone, such as “A Life Less Ordinary,” “Sunshine,” and I would argue, “The Beach,” they’re still worth watching.  His “Trainspotting” is perhaps the best film that I have ever seen […]

Directors To Look Out For: Richard Jobson

Richard Jobson, director/writer of 2008’s “New Town Killers,” is someone to watch for in the future.  The way he composes shots, in a kinetic, rapid-moving fashion, in New Town Killers, reminds me somewhat of Danny Boyle.  It’s similar thematically to “The Most Dangerous Game”–which I haven’t seen, and “Surviving The Game”–which I have.