REview: Black Summer, Season 2 (2019- ) | The Dead Don’t Skip Cardio

Part of what bothers me about the current iteration of zombie – popularized (and ruined) by Zach Snyder, which is par for the course – is that they veer from the blueprint, the Bible, written by George Romero, who proclaimed from the mount that was Night of the Living Dead (1968) that ‘Zombies don’t run, because they’re dead.’

And it was good…till some directors misunderstood what Danny Boyle did in 28 Days Later and made their shambles worthy of Olympic gold, so cardio-orientated were they.

And this was not so good because the Usain Bolt-like corpses defeated the entire point of the zombie, which was their unavoidability; their slow, creeping inevitability.

It goes without saying that it killed suspense and tension though no one told John Hyams (the son of renown director Peter Hyams) this because Black Summer goes about restoring a lot of the drama and tension that seems to have drained from the genre.

Season Two is fascinating because it has to be some of the most deliberately chaotic television that I have ever seen, and considering the subject matter, really works.

The narrative moves forward and backward in time, around characters that don’t feel like sacred cows like those in that other zombie show.

There genuinely feels like there’s a sense of peril and that characters can die at any time.

It’s a damn good show, and made even more remarkable that it’s made by The Asylum, who made such gems like Sharknado and Atlantic Rim – and speaking of Atlantic Rim, why is Graham Greene in that movie? That guy is genuinely talented!

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