REview: Suspiria (2018)

Luca Guadagnino’s remake of Dario Argento’s 1977 giallo Suspiria is a movie that can’t be accused of copying the original, because it’s way too ambitious for that. And the problem–you know it was coming–is that the original movie was relatively simple: namely a horror movie that revolved around a dance academy. Guadagnino doesn’t neglect that […]

Susperia: Teaser Trailer Re-Cut

While I readily admit that a remake of Dario Argento’s giallo classic Susperia is a pretty good idea–despite not being a fan of remakes in general–I’m not terribly fond of the trailers so far released. They–particularly the first full trailer–feels too restrained, too subtle, too retro Horror (which I define as a horror movie that […]

Suspiria (2018) – Teaser Trailer

I’ve never been a fan of Dario Argento–or giallo movies in general for that matter–possibly because there always seemed to be so much going on on top of the feeling that horror lovers were supposed to like them by default, never mind that I never thought that they were particularly good. Or perhaps I should […]

‘Argento’s Dracula’ Review

“Take A Heaping Tablespoon Of An Actor Taking A Role Way Too Seriously, Add A Pinch Of Weirdness, And You Have A Half-Baked Vampire Tale” The ‘Argento’ in this case is Dario, the Italian giallo director best known for films like “Susperia,” “Phenomena” among many others.  His latest work, “Argento’s Dracula” could have been a […]

‘The Hills Run Red’ Review

“The hints of potential–and they’re there–in “The Hills Run Red,” are too fleeting to invest the time to uncover.” Some movies, such as Dario Argento‘s “Susperia,” scare me.  I feel this way despite having seen it too long ago to remember any detail (though I do recall a young woman crawling through a tunnel lined […]

New Horror On Netflix

It appears that the Netflix gods finally listened to my requests for some new horror.  Just a day or so ago they started showing “Intruders,” “Hunger,” “The Devil’s Rock,” “Hidden,” “Road Kill,” “Cornered,” “Girls Gone Dead,” among others.  Strangely enough, they have also included a bunch of Mario Bava films, such as “The House Of […]