Postmortem: The Chronicles of Riddick

2004’s The Chronicles of Riddick was a movie that betting person would have assumed was a sure thing. David Twohy was not only returning to direct–he helmed Pitch Black, the movie that propelled Vin Diesel to stardom–but the sequel would expand upon the ideas introduced in the first movie in new and interesting ways. And…it […]

‘Riddick’ Review

““Riddick” rocks, and a R-rating ensures that there are curses and gore aplenty.”  Mild spoilers below. A lot of reviews I have read of David Twohy’s “Riddick” take issue with the idea that it resembles the film that introduced the character Richard B. Riddick, “Pitch Black.” Using this logic,  John Ford’s “The Man Who Shot […]

New ‘Riddick’ International Trailer

There’s a new international trailer for David Twohy’s “Riddick,” and it happens to be in Springboard format, which I have forgotten how to embed into WordPress (which makes it worse than never being able to embed it at all.  Trust me on this).  It shows Riddick doing what he does best, which is evading a […]

New ‘Riddick’ Trailer

Here’s a new “Riddick” trailer, and it looks like he’s fallen on hard times.  In “Pitch Black” he was a convict, pursued by a bounty hunter and seemingly trapped on a world of deadly, inhuman creatures.  In the sequel, “The Chronicles Of Riddick” he somehow became the ruler of the Necromongers, the most powerful army […]

‘Riddick’ Teaser Trailer

This is interesting.  I was actually looking for something “Iron Man 3”-related, when I stumbled upon this trailer for the upcoming sequel to David Twohy’s “The Chronicles Of Riddick.” I don’t know when this snuck on to the Interwebs, but it looks like the real deal and not some mashup of clips from various ‘Riddick’ […]

Awesome Riddick News!

Many people, after seeing David Twohy’s “The Chronicles Of Riddick” probably thought that the franchise had gone off the tracks.  While its predecessor, 2000’s “Pitch Black” can essentially be summed up as seven or eight people caught in enemy territory (which for them was an entire planet) trying to make their way to a ship, […]