Review: Sea Fever (2019) | A Very Good Movie, Mediocrely Marketed

Neasa Hardiman’s Sea Fever is in a very similar vein as The Thing (1982), Deep Star Six (1989), Leviathan (1989) and Harbinger Down (2015) but is novel enough that it’s it own thing. It’s a very beautiful, thoughtful movie about what happens when good intentions go horribly awry and there’re no villains – monsters, Yes, […]

Underwater (2019) | Official Trailer

Underwater looks awfully like Deep Star Six and Leviathan in terms of subject matter. If you’re a fan of underwater horror–and who isn’t–then it’s probably going to be a good time. (unlike the two aforementioned movies, which worked only intermittently). There’s one thing that makes me optimistic. Namely Underwater is directed by William Eubank, who […]

The MEG – Trailer #1

A trailer just dropped for The MEG, a movie about a megalodon going around doing what sharks do in movies, which is eating humans (despite the fact that we’re by no means a normal part of their diet). Though I have other problems with this trailer.  First off, the book this movie is based on […]