Trailer Into REaction: Sea Fever (2020) | Official Trailer

The last movie I saw about horrors from the deep was Underwater from earlier this year, so my bar for waterborne terror is pretty high.

That being said, I should know better because I’ve also seen Leviathan and Deep Star Six – both from 1989 – and television shows like Surface (2005) – and while they had their pleasures, overall none were that great.

So enter Sea Fever, from director Neasa Hardiman (known primarily for her television work, directing things like Happy Valley, Inhumans and Jessica Jones).

It revolves around a scientist on a fishing vessel who happens to encounter something deadly from beneath the waves.

Based on the trailer it plays a bit like John Carpenter’s The Thing, mixed with David Cronerberg’s Rabid, with a sprinkling of George Romero’s The Crazies (the reboot by Breck Eisner because I haven’t – yet – seen the original) and a dollop of Harbinger Down.

Like I mention in my video, this appears to be an Irish horror film, and if there’s one thing they’re good at, it’s making horror movies.

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