‘Deliver Us From Evil’ Trailer

I like the work of Scott Derrickson (and I hope that he’s being considered for Marvel Studios upcoming Doctor Strange feature, along with Don Coscarelli).  Heck, I even like his remake of “The Day The Earth Stood Still,” if only because he was able to find a role for Keanu Reeves that made that actor’s wooden […]

‘Phantasm: Ravager’ Trailer

Don Coscarelli’s Phantasm series is very interesting, though not necessarily for good reasons. The original film that started it all is pretty amazing, but the more sequels that Coscarelli did, the more apparent it became that that he was running out of ideas. Which is why the latest film, “Phantasm: Ravager” is so interesting.  This time […]

A Movie Full Of Spiders?

I should mention right off the bat that I haven’t heard any buzz around Don Coscarelli considering a film of “The Book Is Full Of Spiders,” the sequel to “John Dies At The End,” though I hope that he’s at least considering it. Though for better or for worse, it all comes down to money. […]

‘John Dies At The End’ Review

“Here’s to all the kisses I snatched, and vice versa.” —Fred Chu Think about it for a moment, you’ll get it. One of Marvel Studios’ Phase Two projects is a feature film version of Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts. I still think that Ioan Gruffudd should play Strange, though who should direct?  On […]

New ‘John Dies At The End’ Poster

Has any movie taunted fans as much as Don Coscarelli’s “John Dies At The End?”  For the past few year or two drips and drabs of information about this film has appeared on the Internet, yet it somehow never manages to reach theaters, or VOD, or iTunes, or any venue that might let someone view […]

‘John Dies At The End’ Trailer

Don Coscarelli has never been what one would call a prolific director (his last film was 2002’s “Bubba Ho-Tep,” though he directed the “Masters of Horror” episode, “Incident On and Off A Mountain Road” in 2005) but he’s at least an interesting one.  His films tend to be a bit uneven, but strange enough to […]