New ‘John Dies At The End’ Poster

John Dies At The End Poster 2Has any movie taunted fans as much as Don Coscarelli’s “John Dies At The End?”  For the past few year or two drips and drabs of information about this film has appeared on the Internet, yet it somehow never manages to reach theaters, or VOD, or iTunes, or any venue that might let someone view it.

Now from what little I understand about the movie business, nothing is as simple as it should perhaps be (which is the way it is with most things, I have come to notice), so there’s probably a lot going on behind the scenes, though I would really appreciate it if this film would just come out.

That out of the way, I am not sure the poster works.  It implies weirdness, but I am not sure that it’s enough to make me want to see the film (if I haven’t been already waiting, that is).

The fans of the book–as well as the work of Don Coscarelli–are already locked in, though the filmmakers now have to try to attract those people who aren’t either of those things.

Good to know that the film is currently On Demand and will be in theaters the 25th of this month.

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