‘Pride’ Trailer

What has bothered me for a long time about a lot of Queer cinema is that it tends to be very white–in that it revolves around white people (generally males) with nary a person of color to be found.  And Matthew Warchus‘ Pride doesn’t on the face of it seem any different. That being said, what […]

Catching Fire – Trailer 2

The trailer for “Catching Fire,” the second movie in the The Hunger Games Trilogy, came out a few days ago via Yahoo, so I had to wait till it appeared in a format more easily digestible for WordPress. The first film actually caught me by surprise because I assumed that because the books that inspired […]

Robert Smith: Detective

That’s not quite fair, though if Sean Penn isn’t channeling Robert Smith of The Cure, in his upcoming film, “This Must Be The Place” then I don’t know who’s he trying to be.  His performance strikes me as one of the boldest from anyone in years because, if the trailer is any indicator, it is […]

‘Red Hook Summer’ Teaser Trailer

Spike Lee’s last feature, 2008’s “Miracle at St. Anna” didn’t do that well at the box office, though for his latest ‘Joint’ he’s gone back to his Brooklyn roots for a “Red Hook Summer.”  In the film he reprises his character ‘Mookie,’ from “Do The Right Thing,” though supposedly that character is the only thing […]

‘Tyrannosaur’ Trailer

Here’s the trailer for “Tyrannosaur,” which looks to be a really cool movie, though in the name of honesty I have to admit that when I heard the name of the film I was a tad disappointed that there were no tyrannosaurs running about. In Tyrannosaur’s defense (the movie, not the extinct dinosaur), Peter Mullan […]