Happy Death Day 2U – Poster

I didn’t catch the original Happy Death Day though I thought that the idea–essentially Friday The 13th meets Groundhog Day–was pretty clever and a twist on the traditional slasher film formula. I didn’t surprise me that there would be a sequel, after all Blumhouse released the original movie and their whole modus operandi is making […]

The (Un)necessary Remake Dept: DeepStar Six

No, DeepStar Six, isn’t the latest Ultramarionation feature from Jamie Anderson, but a undersea horror movie from Sean Cunningham (Friday the 13th) that was followed in quick succession by George P. Cosmatos’ Leviathan, and culminated five months later in James Cameron’s far superior The Abyss. DeepStar Six revolves around a US Navy mission to place an undersea […]

Commercially Speaking: Jason And The 3D Printer

Commercials are made to inform about a particular service or entice you to buy something you want (but don’t yet know that you want). Though in practice, most do the exact opposite.  They confuse instead of clarify, and irritate to such a degree that there are some DVR’s designed to skip them entirely. Though there are times when a […]