‘Friday the 13th’ Prequel Coming to Peacock!

According the The Hollywood Reporter, Bryan Fuller is developing a series that will serve as a prequel to Friday the 13th, called ‘Crystal Lake,’ which begs the question: How is that supposed to work when the drowning of Mrs. Voorhees’ (Betsy Palmer) son triggered all the murder (because, unlike what most people probably think, initially […]

REview: Exeter (2015) | Black Comedy Done Well

I really enjoyed Marcus Nispel’s Exeter as a black comedy though the thing is I’m not entirely sure that that’s exactly the way it was intended. The movie revolves around a bunch of young people – relatively speaking – who decide to party in a institution for troubled young people, who seemingly end up waking […]

Happy Death Day 2U – Poster

I didn’t catch the original Happy Death Day though I thought that the idea–essentially Friday The 13th meets Groundhog Day–was pretty clever and a twist on the traditional slasher film formula. I didn’t surprise me that there would be a sequel, after all Blumhouse released the original movie and their whole modus operandi is making […]