REview: The Boys (2019) | Season One

I’ve recently seen the first season of Amazon’s The Boys and I honestly don’t see what the hullabaloo is about. It’s not terrible by any metric that I can see though unfortunately it’s not great, either. Part of my problem is that it’s based on the work of Garth Ennis, who’s known for his darkly […]

‘Stitched’ Trailer

Anyone who’s a fan of “The Punisher,”–the Marvel comic, not the 2008 movie “Punisher: War Zone, though that too was based upon a story by Garth Ennis, “Welcome Home, Frank”–or “Hellblazer,” is aware of the edgy, violent, storytelling of Garth Innis. Recently he released a trailer for a film he wrote and directed called “Stitched.” […]