REview: The Pale Blue Eye (2022) | Needlessly Dour

Scott Cooper is a director who tends to take on fairly heavy subjects in movies like Into The Furnace (2013), Hostiles (2017), Antlers (2021) and most recently The Pale Blue Eye (2022). And having only the latter two movies; it there’s anything to be taken away from the experience is that Scott Cooper makes serious […]

REview: Sex Education, S2 (2020) | Simply The Best

Netflix’s Sex Education impressed me it’s first season, which pessimistically speaking, had me wondering when the show was going to begin to decline. Because there’s some good shows–or at least were good shows–that went on way too long; cough, cough, Supernatural so while it’s only the second season of Sex Education, I wouldn’t be too […]

Sex Education – Review

Netflix’s Sex Education is off to a great start. It possesses is a quality that many American series’ don’t, namely despite having a shorter amount of episodes–a season consists of eight episodes, as opposed to thirteen– the character development is not only particularly strong, but you’re always left wanting more. This is opposite many American […]

X-File A Day – “Tooms”

“Tooms” is the twenty-first episode of The X-Files, and marks the return of Eugene Victor Tooms (Doug Hutchinson), last seen in episode 3, “Squeeze.” Somehow Tooms comes up for trial, and is released.  This is, of course, a bad decision because as soon as he’s freed he gets back to his old habits (extracting, and […]

X-File A Day – “Pilot”

This is the episode that started it all.  It begins with a woman, dressed in a nightgown,  running through a dense forest at night.  She falls – as women tend to do in these situations – and a light appears over a nearby hill.  A figure that appears to be male steps out of it, […]