REview: Sex Education, S2 (2020) | Simply The Best

Netflix’s Sex Education impressed me it’s first season, which pessimistically speaking, had me wondering when the show was going to begin to decline.

Because there’s some good shows–or at least were good shows–that went on way too long; cough, cough, Supernatural so while it’s only the second season of Sex Education, I wouldn’t be too shocked if it began to slip, especially since the first season was so damn excellent.

And…the second season is as good as the first.

All the characters we met in the first season are back, and with a few new face though what amazes me is that everyone gets a moment in the sun despite Asa Butterfield and Gillian Anderson being the two biggest names in the cast (James Purefoy is as well known, but his character doesn’t appear in as many episodes as Butterfield and Anderson’s)

Ncuti Gatwa and Emma Mackey (Eric Effoing and Maeve Wiley) as Otis Milburn (Butterfield)’s best friend and love interest are also pretty interesting though to be fair the same can be said of virtually anyone in the cast.

What’s also impressive is how, for the most part, the situations everyone finds themselves in don’t feel contrived (for the most part) and just flow.

They’re all that good, and so is this show.

It’s pretty excellent.

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