REview: Away (2020) |”Away” Isn’t Quite Out Of This World, Though It Is A Good Trip

Netflix’s Away isn’t anything you haven’t seen before – especially if you’ve seen Another Life just a year earlier – though it relies on a stronger supporting cast to get the crew of the Atlas to Mars than that the latter movie employed to get them somewhere (it’s been awhile since I saw Another Life. […]

Life – Trailer

What’s with Sony Pictures and the heavy space exploration theme they seem to striking? Last week they released Passengers, a movie where Chris Pratt decides that being alone for 90 years sucks so much that the best thing to do is to submit someone else to the very same fate. Their latest effort is Life, […]

The Martian – Trailer

It may have just been me, but looking at the trailer for Ridley Scott’s The Martian the first thing that came to mind was another Scott movie, Prometheus, which features a silica storm that looks just like the one featured in this movie. Though I am assuming that they producers are going less for hard-core […]

Why ‘Maleficent’ Is Going To Fail

I don’t know who OK’ed this over at Disney, but, as much as I hate to be the spanner in the works–”Maleficent,” the story of “Sleeping Beauty” from the evil witch’s point of view, isn’t going to work. And so that I am clear, by “isn’t going to work” I mean “lose lots of money.”

Gravity – ‘Detatched’ Trailer

This is from Alfonso Cuarón’s upcoming “Gravity,” and supposedly it wowed the crowd at this year’s Comic-con, and seeing it for the first time myself I can see why.  The way that the camera swoops and dives, seemingly without a cut or a break, give it a dynamicism, an almost animated feel except that it […]