‘The Mummy’ Likely To Die A Slow Death

Remember 2014’s Dracula Untold?  That Luke Evans starrer was originally supposed to be the first movie in Universal’s Dark Universe imprint till they did a ‘Green Lantern‘ and changed their minds. Though based on reviews coming in for Alex Kurtzman’s The Mummy reboot they might have been better served by going with their original plan. Indiewire’s […]

I Want To Like A Prometheus Sequel

I really want to like the idea that Ridley Scott is coming up with a sequel to Prometheus, but I have a few problems: First, the screenplay was written by Jack Paglen (Transcendence) and Michael Green (Green Lantern), both of whom have written some pretty mediocre movies (and let’s be clear.  Why a movie turns out not […]

Daredevil (2015) Ep. 1: Into The Ring

“An Auspicious Beginning For Marvel’s Un-Caped Crusader.” When I was growing up, comics not only taught me how to read, but they inspired me to action; I remember vividly running about New York City, trekking through Central Park like Cortez or exploring abandoned buildings with my not-so-super friends. And I would read–though perhaps devour is a […]

The Flash – ‘My Name Is…’ Trailer

I don’t know what it is about Warner Bros superheroes.  For some reason, if the movies are any indicator, Metropolis and Gotham City are where dreams and hope go to die.  Overall, everything is dark (more so, at least in a physical sense, in Gotham) and gloomy, as if the inhabitants carried invisible weights upon their shoulders. And […]

New ‘Man Of Steel’ Poster

Why does this movie not–so far, at any rate–move me?  Maybe it was the first teaser trailer, which reminds me of a fabric softener commercial.  Now we have a poster, courtesy of Superherohype, and I am even less interested.  It has Superman in cuffs, being led who knows where, when you know full well that […]

Do Not Leave ‘The Avengers’ Before The End Credits

If you have seen any of the Marvel Studios productions, like “Iron Man,” “Thor,” “The Incredible Hulk” you already know that you should never leave the theater before the end credits (a trend DC tried to copy with “Green Lantern,” though not as successfully). That’s because the end of credit scenes have–so far–included hints for […]

‘Captain America’ Vs. The World

Edited 7/23 1202 Captain America has pulled in a total of $66 million from Thursday to Friday,  making for the biggest opening for a superhero film this summer, beating “Thor,” “X-Men: First Class,” and “Green Lantern.” Here’s a little clip of a patriotic (and frankly jingoistic) vein to celebrate (though the language is a little […]