Will ‘Green Lantern’ Be Eclipsed By ‘Transformers’ & ‘Captain America?’

As I wrote last week, Green Lantern’s greatest problem is that its foreign box office returns are weak, which is confirmed in a story at ComicBookmovie.com.  The article, among other things, tells of a precipitous box office fall-off the film has recently experienced.  According to Boxofficemojo, “Green Lantern” has currently earned $76 million dollars, domestically,  […]

‘Green Lantern’s’ Box Office Light Dims

I wrote in a prior post that I didn’t expect “Green Lantern” to pull in any more than $40 million dollars in its Friday-Monday debut.  I underestimated its box office by almost $13 million dollars.  It’s better than my estimate, though still weak in comparison to other superhero films like “Thor” or “X-Men: First Class.” Another […]

‘Green Lantern’ Review

This review of “Green Lantern” contains a videoclip that could be considered as a spoiler.  If you want to go into the film with as little knowledge as possible, please do not watch. Anyone that says or implies that “Green Lantern” is worst film of the summer–so far–isn’t being entirely honest.  To be the best […]

Blinded By ‘Green Lantern’s’ Light

Some reviewers, such as Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers, seem to think that “Green Lantern” is the “Heaven’s Gate” of superhero films.  Rottentomatoes.com seems to agree, which is probably why it currently has a 25% approval rating. That being said when I checked Rottentomatoes yesterday it had a %20, so perhaps there’s room for improvement in […]

New Green Lantern Trailer Shines Onto iTunes

The new Green Lantern trailer is now available via iTunes, and while he is one of my favorite DC Comics characters, I am not sure how to feel about this.  The new costume is interesting, but I can’t get around the mask.  It looks like it’s made of stone, and doesn’t work too well (for […]