Johannes Roberts Is The Resident (Evil)

The first movie I saw from Johannes Roberts was the sci-fi/horror movie Storage 24, which I enjoyed.   It had elements of horror and comedy and for the most part really worked though what I liked most was the alien, which was entirely practical and acted by a man on stilts of some sort.  It was […]

The Strangers: Prey at Night – Official Teaser Trailer

I didn’t particularly like 2008’s The Strangers because it made the same mistake other slasher/home invasion thrillers make, namely imbuing it’s protagonists with almost superhuman/supernatural abilities. What I recall was that the killers had this almost uncanny knack for getting into places soundlessly and without anyone ever knowing they were there, which was a tendency that […]

‘The Expelled’ Review

“First Lesson of Horror Movie 101:  If you’re going to kill a bunch of people, viewers need to empathize with their plight.  Otherwise, all we’re seeing are some interesting special effects.” A virtually empty school haunted by hooded killers would normally be an idea that I could really sink my teeth into.  Yet director Johannes […]

‘Storage 24’ Review

“If more attention were given to character development, “Storage 24” could have been a genre classic, instead of a mildly interesting diversion.” Horror is a house with many doors, all opening onto the stuff of nightmares.  Whatever your interest, be it torture porn, poltergeists, vampires, zombies, and just about everything in-between, you’ll find a place just […]