Johannes Roberts Is The Resident (Evil)

The first movie I saw from Johannes Roberts was the sci-fi/horror movie Storage 24, which I enjoyed.  

It had elements of horror and comedy and for the most part really worked though what I liked most was the alien, which was entirely practical and acted by a man on stilts of some sort.  It was not only clever but I thought that you could see at times that the director likely was working with shots not because he liked them more than they were the best he could do under the circumstances.

A few months ago I saw 47 Meters Down.  It was a huge hit financially though I didn’t think too much of it at the time.  It wasn’t terrible by any means, though it also wasn’t anything that I haven’t seen before.  In it’s defense it was done for $5.5 million, barely the catering budget for larger productions.

Roberts also directed the sequel to Bryan Bertino’s huge 2008 hit, The Strangers (a movie that I thought was vastly overrated, a perspective I come to because Bertino made the antagonists seem almost supernatural, which was problematic for a movie supposedly based on a true story).  I didn’t see it in theaters, though it is something I do want to catch streaming or on video.

I mention Roberts because he’s in line to direct the reboot of Resident Evil, which could be an inspired choice because I believe he’s innovative enough to bring something to the movie that Paul W.S. Anderson couldn’t (hopefully something more than style).

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