A Mysterio(us) Missive

See what I did there?

With the trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home premiering-if the scuttlebut on the Interwebs is at all accurate–sometime this week it’s worth a look at one of Spider-man’s greatest enemies.


To be fair that’s just my feeling about the character because his awesomeness will vary based upon the artist and writer who handles him but I have yet to see a bad depiction.

The first Mysterio was a special effects artist named Quentin Beck, who used his talents to imitate Spider-Man way back in The Amazing Spider-Man #13 in an effort to frame him for a robbery.

There have been other people who’ve assumed the mantle of Mysterio along the way though what they all hold in common are his unique fishbowl-like helmet and the technology-based ability to create illusions and distort reality.

And speaking of Mysterio, did you see Jake Gyllenhaal’s reaction to learning he wasn’t cast as Spider-Man?

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