Trailer Into Reaction – Spider-Man: Far From Home|Official Trailer

The trailer of Spider-Man: Far From Home dropped this morning, and it’s glorious. There’s a bit too much Iron Spider for my liking–I don’t necessarily mind an Iron Man-ized Spider-Man, but it’s not exactly my favorite thing. That being said, we learn more about Quentin Beck, otherwise known as Mysterio, about how he came to […]

Velvet Buzzsaw – Trailer

I have no idea what a ‘velvet chainsaw’ is but it sounds relatively ineffective for the things chainsaws are typically used for. Having just watched the trailer for the movie I at first thought it was a high-brow commentary on art. Which is okay but not quite my thing. Looking a little deeper I think […]

A Mysterio(us) Missive

See what I did there? With the trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home premiering-if the scuttlebut on the Interwebs is at all accurate–sometime this week it’s worth a look at one of Spider-man’s greatest enemies. Mysterio! To be fair that’s just my feeling about the character because his awesomeness will vary based upon the artist […]