REview: Zach Snyder’s Justice League (2021) | Too Long-Winded & Pretentious For It’s Own Good

I honestly didn’t expect to much like Zach Snyder’s Justice League because I’ve seen enough of his filmography (with the exception of Sucker Punch (2011), which was for me unwatchable) to not expect much from him. His version of Justice League was no different. Bloated, narratively broken and way, way, WAY too long at just […]

Did Solo Really ‘Bomb’ In China?

Words matter, so if you read ‘China Box Office: ‘Solo’ Bombs With Third-Place $10.1M Opening’ from The Hollywood Reporter you’re likely to assume that the movie failed there. And in a sense it did, though Star Wars movies since being purchased by Disney have underperformed in the Middle Kingdom before–Rogue One: A Star Wars Story […]

Black Widow Will Be A Huge Hit (If A Few Things Are Taken Into Account)

The upcoming Black Widow movie has a lot going for it–2017’s Wonder Woman has proven that a female-led superhero movie can not only be profitable, but revered bay both critics and moviegoers alike–but that doesn’t mean that it should take some very significant advantages for granted. First there’s Scarlett Johannson, who’s shown with 2014’s Lucy that a […]

Secret In Their Eyes – Trailer

Chiwetel Ejiofor (a name that is much easier to type than it is to say) MUST become a huge star one of these days, and if Secret In Their Eyes doesn’t do it, then my money is on Marvel Studios’ upcoming Benedict Cumberbatch starrer, Doctor Strange. I think that I first saw him in Joss […]