Trailer Into REaction: Zach Snyder’s Justice League (2021) | Final Trailer

It was interesting that the final trailer for Zach Snyder’s Justice League was released yesterday because I had reached the end of my patience with the entire affair.

I was tired of a movie – apparently a not very good one – taking up so much oxygen, tired of the self-indulgence it takes to make this a thing, tired of the movie theater floor stickiness of it all.

So while I have been watching the trailers I’ve done so mainly out of morbid curiosity (besides, I run a growing YouTube channel and don’t feel that this is the sort of thing that I can avoid) though having seen the final trailer it just left me a bit…sad.

The entire episode feels as if Snyder has not only been mistreated, but with the perverse twist that he’s been an active participant in his own degradation because let’s be clear: Warner Bros. doesn’t give a damn about either Snyder or what he was trying to do (whether or not you like his work – I tend not to – is irrelevant). What is is that the man has been first dragged through the dirt by a family tragedy, then fired – you can buy that “He (Zach Snyder) chose to step down from the production” hokum if you like though if you look at it with even a cursory degree of scrutiny leaves one with a lot of questions, such as he (Zach Snyder) had shot the brunt of the movie despite the suicide of his daughter. Why wouldn’t he finish the job? Or was Joss Whedon brought on to take over the production from the start, as opposed to just fill in what remained?

There’re a lot of questions and thus far few answered in anything approaching a satisfactory manner, which has a lot to do with why I blame Snyder as much as anyone else.

There was another director in recent memory who “zigged” when Hollywood wanted him to “zag.” That was John Carpenter though instead of jumping through hoops like some sort of circus animal took his ball and went away.

And sure, his last movie was 10 years ago, but the man is still working and I’m willing to wager with a hell of a lot more dignity than Zach Snyder.

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