Trailer Into REaction: A Ghost Waits (2020) | Official Trailer

Black and white movies tend to bother me.

Let me clarify. I don’t mind black and white movies when there was no other option BUT with black and white movies in modern times there tends to be a pretentiousness that accompanies that’s more than a little bit off-putting.

Remember John Ford’s The Searchers? I haven’t seen it in awhile though I recall it being visually outstanding, particularly it’s depiction of landscapes.

You mean to tell me that a black and white version would work as well?

I doubt it.

In any case, I mention this because if the trailer is any indication, A Ghost Waits is black and white (and like most modern black and white movies I have no idea why).

The movie revolves around a house cleaner who happens to be working in a haunted house, which holds a ghost that will eventually fall in love with the cleaner (or is that vice versa? I have no idea).

Though on the whole “black and white” thing, this image appeared in the trailer.

There’s so much richness in this particular image that revolves around color that black and white just can’t capture – because it’s an absence of color. I look at the image above and see various shades of blue, white and pink.

But in black and white? Just varying shades of gray.

It’s just not the same.

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