Trailer Into REaction – Pacific Rim: The Black (2021) | Official Trailer

Guillermo Del Toro always ranked particularly high in my hierarchy of directors, so when I heard he was developing a movie based on a staple of anime – giant robots – I was so there.

And Pacific Rim (2013) didn’t disappoint, though what surprised me was how much heart the movie had. And sure some of it may not have resonated quite as impactfully as it might have, but at least he tried to make a “giant robots versus monsters” movie that was about more than giant robots versus monsters.

Though something that consistently bothered me about the director is that he has always appeared to juggle so many projects that inevitably something had to fall by the wayside (which paradoxically was exactly why he juggled so many projects: You never know what’s going to fall through).

After all, his passion project, a movie based on H.P. Lovecraft’s At The Mountains Of Madness – despite the support of James Cameron and Tom Cruise – managed to fall though a titanic-sized crack.

Though when the same thing happened to the followup to Pacific Rim, I have to admit that I was shocked though I felt somewhat comforted by the fact that the sequel was being directed by Steven DeKnight (Daredevil, Spartacus) though Pacific Rim: Uprising never quite resonated with me (speaking of Pacific Rim: Uprising, I need to watch it again, more for reasons of recalling how I felt about it more than anything else).

So I had assumed that the promise of the original movie (various spin-offs, comic books and so forth) was done with though recently Netflix released a trailer for Pacific Rim: The Black, a limited series taking place within the Pacific Rim universe.

As far as I can tell there’s no connection to Guillermo Del Toro – beyond existing in the universe he co-created with Travis Beacham – so there’s at least that.

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