Trailer Into REaction: Cosmic Sin (2021) | Official Trailer

Bruce Willis isn’t a bad actor – he starred in Die Hard for Heaven’s sake! – but the thing is lately he doesn’t appear to particularly…care.

And don’t interpret that to mean that he’s just “phoning it in” because that at least takes an actor to be in the moment and just choose not give anything but the bare minimum.

Even that seems to be out of reach for Willis at this point.

And say what you will about Nicolas Cage, he’s willing to work (it also doesn’t hurt that he spells his name without the ‘h,’ like all the cool Nicolas’s do). And sure, his performance doesn’t always sync but there’s little doubt the man isn’t resting on his laurels.

The Wicker Man (2006)

Bruce Willis? Not so much.

I mention this because he appears to be the “lead.” I put that in quotes because I doubt he actually appears in much of the movie. Cosmic Sin on the face of it looks like a mashup of movies like Edge of Tomorrow (which should have been titled All You Need Is Kill, from the Japanese novel on which the movie was based. Edge of Tomorrow always sounded to me like a sequel to the soap opera The Edge of Night), Starship Troopers, Star Trek and numerous others.

From the trailer it appears that Willis is some sort of soldier called out of retirement to lead an assault team to an alien planet in an attempt to preempt their potential invasion of this one.

Visually speaking the future the movie depicts looks very much like Blade Runner-noir though to be fair if it isn’t broke, why fix it?

Though in reference to the bold faced “potential,” that’s where this movie possibly gets interesting because the trailer doesn’t explicitly lay out that these newly discovered aliens are hostile or hold any intention of attacking humanity; and since humans in these types of movies always assume the motivations and imperatives of aliens are exactly the same as ours (which is interesting because no matter how different from us a being may look, apparently when all is said and done we all share the desire to subjugate/survive) then we’d better do to them before they do to us.

As I implied earlier, I expect Bruce Willis’s combined screen time to maybe – maybe – add up to a half hour when all is said and done.

The movie also stars Frank Grillo, a good choice because he’s an intense, physical actor who’s likely going to be doing the bulk of the heavy lifting – literally and figuratively.

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