‘Welcome To The Jungle’ Review

“For a movie with the same title as a Guns N’ Roses song, “Welcome To The Jungle” has no bite.” Rob Meltzer‘s “Welcome To The Jungle” stars Adrian Brody as Chris, an unappreciated office drone whom redeems himself  (sort of) on a corporate Outerward Bound-type of excursion. Rob Huebel (“The League,” “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) plays […]

‘The Divide’ Review

“Like “Lord Of The Flies,” except more rapey.” Xavier Gens‘ “The Divide” begins with a mysterious attack on an American city.  I think it was New York, but it’s actually not that relevant in that Gens is less interested in making any sort of political statement than he is with putting together eight people from […]