Exclusive ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Trailer

How does Conan O’ Brien get these scoops?  I’d be careful if I were him because from what I hear the Sony legal department is just waiting to catch infringers in its legal web. Heck, Conan has money, so he’ll be OK.  Me, I am not too sure. Despite my doubts, I have to believe […]

‘The Wolverine’ Teaser Trailer

Here’s a link to the first teaser from “The Wolverine,” which I suspect is genuine because it shows footage than has, as far as I am aware, not been available prior (and there’s the fact that it appears to be from the Twitter feed of James Mangold, who’s directing the upcoming superhero film).  Unfortunately, it’s […]

Jamie Foxx As Electro?

Now this is interesting news!  According to Collider, Jamie Foxx is rumored to be interested in the part of Electro in the sequel of “The Amazing Spider-Man.”  Now keep in mind that his skin color isn’t integral AT ALL to the character.  Despite this being the case, and if it’s confirmed, wait to see all […]

‘Ant-Man’ Test Footage (Sorta)

A while ago I posted that Marvel is considering putting its test footage for Edgar Wright’s “Ant-Man” on the Interwebs?  Well they haven’t done it yet, but there was an artist in attendance at Comic-Con, and they have drawn up and posted on Youtube a reenactment of the footage. Thanks to Collider for the info.

‘Ant-Man’ Test Footage To Be Released?

When I heard that Edgar Wright revealed a test footage for his upcoming Marvel Studios film, “Ant-Man”, I was jazzed.  And the Internet, being what it is, made me reasonably sure that someone in attendance at the last Comic-Con would have filmed it despite being told not to (under penalty of being banned from future […]