And You Thought Being Batman Was Expensive…

image courtesy of Hot Toys

As expensive as Batman’s kit is–and it’s very expensiveit doesn’t hold a candle to what it would cost to outfit yourself as Marvel’s Iron Man.  For instance, just the Arc reactor alone would cost, according to those enterprising folk at, a cool $36 million.

And while that’s probably reasonable when you consider that it’s an inexhaustible energy source, your costs only begin there.

• Back and shoulder mounted ailerons: $2 million

• Wrist mounted anti-tank missle launchers (x2) – $3 million

• Shoulder mounted anti-personnel guns – $400,00 (a bargain)

Luckily Tony Stark, worth $9.4 billion according to Forbes, has more than enough resources to make such an investment.  Bruce Wayne, by way of comparison, is worth $7 billion, though I suspect that is before events conclude in “The Dark Knight Rises.”

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