Fantastic Four – Review

A misfire? Sure, but hardly the monstrosity many have made it out to be.

‘Monster 2: Dark Continent’ Trailer

It’s interesting how things go sometimes.  Recently in my Postmortem column I wrote about Garth Edwards’ Monsters, and a few days later learned of the existence of its sequel, Monsters 2: Dark Continent. Edwards, being that he was more than likely working on Godzilla, was replaced as director by Tom Green. The trailer has virtually no aliens in it till […]

Postmortem: Monsters (2010)

Before Gareth Edwards directed Godzilla for Legendary and Warner Bros. he did a little (it cost $500,000, which is more in line with the catering budget of a movie these days) movie called Monsters, which was what put him on the map.  Seeing that the former has just been released on Netflix and I haven’t yet seen […]

X-File A Day – “Space”

This is an interesting episode mainly because it’s based upon an image found by the Viking 1 Orbiter in 1978. Some believe that it’s a structure that was discovered on Mars that resembled a human face, similar to the Sphinx in Egypt, while most established space scientists believe that it’s a simple trick of light […]