‘Monster 2: Dark Continent’ Trailer

It’s interesting how things go sometimes.  Recently in my Postmortem column I wrote about Garth Edwards’ Monsters, and a few days later learned of the existence of its sequel, Monsters 2: Dark Continent.

Edwards, being that he was more than likely working on Godzilla, was replaced as director by Tom Green.

The trailer has virtually no aliens in it till the end, and yet it still seems to have more than appeared in the first movie, though till that time the trailer looks like scenes assembled from movies like Jarhead (which interestingly enough has a sequel too, Jarhead 2: Field Of Fire) or The Hurt Locker.  At the moment I am wondering how it is that there are aliens what I assume is somewhere in Africa because the original film was based entirely on the premise that the monsters came to earth in a NASA probe that broke up over Mexico.

The creatures that turn up are also smaller, which has the effect of making the action more human-scale (though unfortunately evoking comparisons with Paul Verhoeven’s Starship Troopers as well).

And while geography may not be my strongest suit, I am reasonably certain that that the Africa is nowhere near Mexico.


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