Trailer Into REaction: Disney’s Jungle Cruise (2020) | Official Trailer

The trailer dropped for Disney’s Jungle Cruise earlier today and like most movies based on theme park rides I could care less (I’m serious. I don’t think I’ve even sat though any of The Pirates Of The Caribbean movies in their entirety). That is, till I saw the cast. Emily Blunt, Dwayne Johnson, Paul Giamatti, […]

Is Sony Mismanaging The Spider-Man Franchise?

Part 1: Send In The B-Team Looking at Marvel today, it would be easy to assume that they have always been as successful as they are.  Though you’d be wrong because, before they were purchased by Disney, even before they launched their movie production arm, Marvel Studios, they were flirting with bankruptcy. To stop the […]

‘John Dies At The End’ Review

“Here’s to all the kisses I snatched, and vice versa.” —Fred Chu Think about it for a moment, you’ll get it. One of Marvel Studios’ Phase Two projects is a feature film version of Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts. I still think that Ioan Gruffudd should play Strange, though who should direct?  On […]

Paul Giamatti Is The Rhino

A few months ago I read that Paul Giamatti was interested in playing the Rhino, a member of Spider-Man’s rogues gallery.  At the time I recall thinking that that was some of the most awesome casting that I have heard in a long while–mainly because he actually looks like the character–though I didn’t think much […]