More Is Not Always Better (Especially When It Comes To Super-Villains)

Sinister SixI like ‘more’ as much as the next guy. More money, more “Pacific Rim” and more hard drives (I have always had a thing for storage space).

Where ‘more’ doesn’t work so well for is when you have too many villains. After all, Sam Raimi is a pretty talented director yet his “Spider-Man 3” was a mess, primarily because there were too many bad guys (though the giant Sandman monster didn’t help matters).

And in his film, there were only three:  Sandman, Venom and Green Goblin, Jr.

If the image to the left, the studio where Marc Webb’s “Amazing Spider-Man 2” is shooting, is any indicator, the word overreach means nothing to Webb.

That being said, there’s no law that says that it can’t be done, but I suspect that it would be less a Spider-Man movie than a super-villan origin piece that happens to have Spider-Man in it.

Which I think is an interesting idea, but I am willing to bet fans of the character (as he appears in movies) – never mind the studio bankrolling it –  would think otherwise.

I can’t see any other way it would work.  At this point the Rhino (Paul Giamatti) and Electro (Jamie Foxx) have been introduced, which leaves four other characters – if the picture above is accurate – that haven’t.

The composition of the Sinister Six has changed from time to time, though traditionally it’s composed of characters that haven’t been introduced into Webb’s Spiderverse, such as Mysterio, Doctor Octopus, the Vulture, Kraven the Hunter, and Sandman.

The Rhino, though awesome, was never a member of that group, though he was a member of the Sinister Twelve).

All six can’t be main characters. so what will probably happen is that they’ll be introduced, and just as quickly dispatched.

Which would be a shame, because they all deserve their moment in the sun, maybe something in line with what Marvel Studios does with their heroes, which is to introduce one or two per film, then have a big reveal of a united team three or four films later.

It’s bold, but I think I would be a serious money-maker.  The anti-Avengers, if you will.


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