REview – Aquaman (2019)

I’ve finally got around to preparing a review of Aquaman and there’s a valid reason why it’s taken as long as it has: The DCEU is essentially a clusterfuck, managed by people that have never read a comic book in their lives, which genuinely bothers me. Despite having gotten in to comics initially with DC […]

Daredevil (2015) Ep. 1: Into The Ring

“An Auspicious Beginning For Marvel’s Un-Caped Crusader.” When I was growing up, comics not only taught me how to read, but they inspired me to action; I remember vividly running about New York City, trekking through Central Park like Cortez or exploring abandoned buildings with my not-so-super friends. And I would read–though perhaps devour is a […]

Meet Baymax!

As you can tell from the screenshots of the Tweets that I have included below, I have been having a few conversations with Baymax, of Disney’s upcoming Big Hero 6.  He’s very literal, as is the way with most machines–and reminds me quite a bit of Apple Inc’s Siri. Besides, how can you resist a mug like […]

Bryan Singer Should Share The Wealth

The figure to the right of Bryan Singer is a  Sentinel, from the director’s upcoming  X-Men adventure, “Days Of Future Past” (which is based upon a storyline from the long-running Marvel Comics series). I am not crazy about how the Sentinel looks – especially considering how much better it looks in the comics – though […]

Could Wolverine Ever Enter The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Possibly, though under some certain very specific conditions.  Marvel Studios has regained the rights to use characters like Blade, Ghost Rider, Daredevil and The Punisher, though Fox owns not only the rights to use the X-Men in features (which Wolverine is a member) but also the term “mutants” – describing enhanced human beings – as well. And […]

New ‘Man Of Steel’ Poster

Why does this movie not–so far, at any rate–move me?  Maybe it was the first teaser trailer, which reminds me of a fabric softener commercial.  Now we have a poster, courtesy of Superherohype, and I am even less interested.  It has Superman in cuffs, being led who knows where, when you know full well that […]

Link To New ‘Avengers’ Trailer

I was looking for a movie to catch tomorrow, when I found this new ‘Avengers’ trailer via Fandango.  It shows all sort of interesting stuff–most of which I haven’t yet seen–and as far as I am aware it’s not available anywhere yet. It’s not embeddable yet, so I am posting a link to it.