REview – Aquaman (2019)

I’ve finally got around to preparing a review of Aquaman and there’s a valid reason why it’s taken as long as it has: The DCEU is essentially a clusterfuck, managed by people that have never read a comic book in their lives, which genuinely bothers me.

Despite having gotten in to comics initially with DC Comics–Batman in particular–I quickly found my way to Marvel Comics and never looked back.

Which is why the current iteration of DC on film is so irksome: It feels like they’re not even trying.

Which is interesting because Aquaman feels like they’re trying too hard. It compresses–at least–three major plot lines into one movie. The problem being any one of said plot lines would make a movie–or a trilogy–of movies all on their own.

Which makes Aquaman a frustrating, difficult movie to watch. You see seeds of potential, but they’re spread on salted earth.

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