Is Sony Mismanaging The Spider-Man Franchise?

Part 1: Send In The B-Team Looking at Marvel today, it would be easy to assume that they have always been as successful as they are.  Though you’d be wrong because, before they were purchased by Disney, even before they launched their movie production arm, Marvel Studios, they were flirting with bankruptcy. To stop the […]

‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Superbowl Trailer

I really want to like this movie, but I am a little sensitive since being trade raped the last time.  Marc Webb’s first Spider-Man film was such as colossal mess that the honorable thing to do would have been to take it out back and shoot it. Yes.  Watching “The Amazing Spider-Man” felt exactly like […]

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ on PS3

 Sony’s upcoming “The Amazing Spider-Man’s” main baddie is The Lizard, who was never one of my favorite villains in the Spider-man canon (I have never really thought why, though it probably has something to do with him being little more than The Hulk, with scales). If the film makers weren’t going to go with Mysterio, […]