Will Kraven the Hunter Appear in the Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequel?

Ben Affleck originally planned to star, write (with Geoff Johns) and direct a solo Batman movie for Warner Bros and DC Entertainment though he eventually decided to step down from the latter (it’s believed that he did so because Warner Bros was insistent that he make a 2018 release date, which he felt he could not do if he were to maintain the quality fans of the franchise had come to expect) and was replaced by Matt Reeves.

And when a new director comes onto a project–especially one in as strong a bargaining position as Reeves–they tend to rewrite a project, as opposed to going with the script that was already in place.

This means that much of what had been in Affleck and John’s screenplay will more than likely be discarded (though whomever does a rewrite could use the Affleck and Johns screenplay as a starting point).

Supposedly, the villain in the original screenplay was  Deathstroke, who was going to be played by Joe Manganiello.

Now let’s for a moment look at another franchise, namely Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming.  

The third iteration of Marvel Comics venerable wall crawler will premier in theaters in 2018 though producers have said that they’re avoiding using villains from he earlier movies–which despite their iconic status makes a lot of sense–which means that it’s unlikely we’ll see the Green Goblin, the Lizard, Dr. Octopus, Sandman, Venom (and speaking of Venom, that’s a special case that I cover on my Screenphiles YouTube channel) or Electro.

Which means that villains that we have had yet to see will be appearing in Spider-Man: Homecoming–such as the Vulture, Tinkerer and Shocker–and its sequels.

Such as Kraven the Hunter

One of Spider-Man’s deadliest foes–created by Stan Lee and Stece Ditko and who first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #15–Kraven sought to defeat Spidey because he believed himself to be the world’s greatest hunter, though that’s not the only reason Kraven comes to mind as the next villain to menace Tom Holland’s Spider-Man because if you recall I mentioned Joe Manganiello a few paragraphs ago?  Well, here’s where things get interesting.

Here’s a picture of Manganiello.

And while I have no idea if there’s room in his schedule to play Kraven–nor that the villain is even being considered–there are few roles that an actor is so perfectly suited to play.


More Is Not Always Better (Especially When It Comes To Super-Villains)

Sinister SixI like ‘more’ as much as the next guy. More money, more “Pacific Rim” and more hard drives (I have always had a thing for storage space).

Where ‘more’ doesn’t work so well for is when you have too many villains. After all, Sam Raimi is a pretty talented director yet his “Spider-Man 3” was a mess, primarily because there were too many bad guys (though the giant Sandman monster didn’t help matters).

And in his film, there were only three:  Sandman, Venom and Green Goblin, Jr.

If the image to the left, the studio where Marc Webb’s “Amazing Spider-Man 2” is shooting, is any indicator, the word overreach means nothing to Webb.

That being said, there’s no law that says that it can’t be done, but I suspect that it would be less a Spider-Man movie than a super-villan origin piece that happens to have Spider-Man in it.

Which I think is an interesting idea, but I am willing to bet fans of the character (as he appears in movies) – never mind the studio bankrolling it –  would think otherwise.

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Spider-Man 2 News

As I have mentioned before, I didn’t see Marc Webb’s Spider-man reboot, “The Amazing Spider-Man, because I had no need to see Spidey’s origin story again.

Radioactive spider, bite; I get it.  Let’s move on already.

Shailene Woodley is going to play Mary-Jane Watson, though since I am unfamiliar with who she is, I don’t really care (though I will cry Holy Murder it the role is as miscast as it was for Sam Raimi’s films).

What I do care about is that is that Electro will probably be the villain.  Electro isn’t as cool as Mysterio–then again, who is?–but he’s a close second.

Thanks to SevenWebHead for the very cool clip.

New ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer 2

First off, I am not quite sure how “untold” this story is, since there were three prior films covering similar territory.

Then, for some reason, they don’t feature Mysterio (quite possibly the greatest Spidey villain ever*) and the web-slinging scenes appear to look better than those of Raimi’s original trilogy, but do we really need another origin story?  At this point I think that we all get the whole “bitten by a radioactive spider” thing, so why we need to see it once again is a bit beyond me.

That being said, there are differences.  In Marc Webb’s film–like in the comics–Peter Parker invents the technology for his web shooters, as opposed to the organic variant from Raimi’s.

I also choose to ignore that the creation of a fiber that’s as light as silk, but stronger that steel would revolutionize industries like construction, clothing, among others.

It would also guarantee Peter Parker an income for life.

I get that we’re talking about a comic character, but one that was invented in 1962, so having such things invented probably were  bit more plausible (?).  Right now, in the days of venture capitalists and conspicuous consumption, it doesn’t make all that much sense.

*in my own mind.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ on PS3

 Sony’s upcoming “The Amazing Spider-Man’s” main baddie is The Lizard, who was never one of my favorite villains in the Spider-man canon (I have never really thought why, though it probably has something to do with him being little more than The Hulk, with scales).

If the film makers weren’t going to go with Mysterio, they should have considered The Rhino, who’s one of Spidey’s better villains.

Here’s The Rhino from 1967’s Spider-Man’s television show.  Pay no attention that Spidey seems to shoot webs where there are no buildings–or anything else, for that matter–for them to attach to, after all, the cartoon was made in the Sixties.