Postmortem: The Chronicles of Riddick

2004’s The Chronicles of Riddick was a movie that betting person would have assumed was a sure thing. David Twohy was not only returning to direct–he helmed Pitch Black, the movie that propelled Vin Diesel to stardom–but the sequel would expand upon the ideas introduced in the first movie in new and interesting ways. And…it […]

‘Dark Space’ Trailer

The trailer for Dark Space actually looks pretty good, especially for an independent film (made without the backing of a major studio).  There’s a dash of Predator here, a hint of Outland there, and a whole lot of Pitch Black, that really works.  That being said, if I could mention one thing to the producers:  If you’re looking to […]

‘Riddick’ Restricted Trailer

This trailer was shown at the most recent Comic-con and it’s really irritating.  That being said, I don’t feel that way because it’s bad – it’s awesome and pretty violent – but I am bothered because it gives away all sorts of things that I would have like to have seen first in the theater. […]

‘Riddick’ Teaser Trailer

This is interesting.  I was actually looking for something “Iron Man 3”-related, when I stumbled upon this trailer for the upcoming sequel to David Twohy’s “The Chronicles Of Riddick.” I don’t know when this snuck on to the Interwebs, but it looks like the real deal and not some mashup of clips from various ‘Riddick’ […]