Postmortem: Pacific Rim (2013)

Screenshot 2016-01-01 14.04.32.pngWelcome to the first post of the New Year!  I figured that I’d go back in time to rewatch Guillermo del Toro’s giant robots versus monsters epic, Pacific Rim.

If you ask me the true test of whether or not a movie is a good one is that of time, namely if it can stand up well to repeated viewings.

And despite the fact that del Toro’s Pacific Rim underwhelmed domestically–the bulk of its $400 billion dollar box office was due to its popularity internationally–it’s damn enjoyable and stands up to revisiting very well.

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Guillermo Del Toro Stares At The ‘Rim’

Edited 7/26 729

Guillermo Del Toro, unable to get his version of H.P. Lovecraft’s “At The Mountains Of Madness” off the ground, was originally slated to direct “The Hobbit,” with Peter Jackson producing.  Because of financial problems at MGM (the studio that would have released it) he left “The Hobbit,” and moved on moved on to Legendary Films “Pacific Rim” (though he makes abundantly clear that he has not given up on ATMOM).”

At this point I am unsure what Pacific Rim is exactly about, though what I have read seems to indicate there will be giant monsters (Yea!) and giant robots to fight the aforementioned monsters (Double Yea!)

I imagine this as The Shogun Warriors, crossed with “Robot Jox,” which is in its own way similar to Michael Bay’s Transformers films, except that “Pacific Rim” will hopefully not suck like the second Transformers film, which scarred me to such a degree that  I am literally afraid to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon” despite it having a very cool trailer.