Review – I Am Mother (2019)

Grant Sputore’s I Am Mother is a pretty interesting entry into the world of Dystopian science-fiction, which typically depicts a world that has been devastated by the neglect of humans. It sort of stumbles in the third act–which doesn’t quite make sense based on everything that’s come before–but it still remains watchable. What’s particularly noteworthy […]

‘Oblivion’ Trailer

Gossip Cop has a trailer for Joseph Kosinski’s upcoming “Oblivion,” and I am not sure how I feel about it from a design standpoint, which is interesting, because Kosinski’s has a pretty strong esthetic sense, if “Tron: Legacy” was any indication. Thanks to Gossip Cop for the foreign language trailer that I linked to above, […]

Three Minute ‘Prometheus’ Trailer

I found this trailer via Superherohype, and despite all the noise on the Interwebs, it appears to make the essentials of the plot known. What follows below is some analysis, and a bit of conjecture, based upon what has been released so far. It appears that the beings, represented by “The Space Jockey” from the […]