Review – I Am Mother (2019)

Grant Sputore’s I Am Mother is a pretty interesting entry into the world of Dystopian science-fiction, which typically depicts a world that has been devastated by the neglect of humans.

It sort of stumbles in the third act–which doesn’t quite make sense based on everything that’s come before–but it still remains watchable.

What’s particularly noteworthy is the CG, which is–except in relatively few instances–photo-real. There are instances in this movie where it’s genuinely difficult to tell whether or not we’re dealign with a actual physical object or a CGI model (a tell is when said model is doing something an “actual” robot cannot do without difficulty, like running (which “Mother” does quite a bit).

As I mentioned earlier, things get a bit wonky in the third act because why events unfold in the way that they do doesn’t quite sync though I Am Mother holds up pretty well nonetheless.

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