Trailer Into Reaction – Ready Or Not (2019) | Red Band Trailer

I like this trailer. As I have said before: Black humor is the best humor.

I don’t tend to enjoy Three Stooges-type antics–unless we’re actually talking about The Three Stooges, who are AWESOME!–but humor based on manners, on quirks in typical behaviors?

That’s my JAM!

This trailer for Ready Or Not looks like it’s just up my alley as it revolves around a woman who marries into a family with an–to put it mildly–odd way of welcoming new members into the family.

What I like is that while a sacrifice is required–implying the worship of some sort of evil deity (Cthulhu?)–the sacrificers are clearly not terribly good at what they do and to serve as a servant in this household is like playing a security officer on Star Trek.

In other words: You’re screwed.

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