Captain America: Civil War Trailer 3

Oh.  My.  God. Where to begin…first off, what the hell is this? Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) latest indulgence? A S.H.I.E.L.D. base of operations replacing the destroyed Triskelion from Captain America: The Winter Soldier? I have no idea. Then there’s this:  Yes, that’s the Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) outrunning  a speeding Audi. The reason being, the car was […]

The Winter Soldier Revealed!

Now this is what I call a scoop (which I wish were mine;)!  Courtesy of, here’s the first shot that I have seen of the Winter Soldier from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  I don’t even consider myself a fan of the character, but this looks to be crazy accurate. I assume that that’s […]

‘The Apparition’ Review

“”The Apparition” Is Too Good To Have Been Treated So Shabbily By Its Producers” First off, ignore the trailer posted below.  It’s seemingly for Todd Lincoln‘s “The Apparition,” currently spooling on iTunes.  The footage is accurate, though the voiceovers misrepresent the movie (most of which aren’t actually in the film), as does the tagline for […]

Moviefone’s Best 2011 Superhero Films

Moviefone recently graded, from best to worse, 2011’s superhero films. It’s worth looking at, if only to see how close they are to what’s really going on out there.  As far as I can see, they’re pretty on point though I find it interesting that Hawkeye has an entry, despite appearing for what had to […]