Moviefone’s Best 2011 Superhero Films

Moviefone recently graded, from best to worse, 2011’s superhero films.

It’s worth looking at, if only to see how close they are to what’s really going on out there.  As far as I can see, they’re pretty on point though I find it interesting that Hawkeye has an entry, despite appearing for what had to be for only five minutes or so during “Thor.”

That he will have his own film, based upon the (probable) success of “The Avengers” goes without saying because The Black Widow will also get a solo film as well.

The entry for “Bucky,” played by Sebastian Stan, is also interesting because it appears that the writers assume someone to be dead without actually seeing the body, which is a very, very rookie mistake.

The entry on “Man of Steel” is also very interesting, if only because Zach Snyder is coming off “Sucker Punch,” which underwhelmed at the box office, and the picture released of Henry Cavill in a very rubbery-looking Superman suit isn’t very encouraging.

This feeling of unease is only exacerbated with the non-event of Amy Steel photos recently released.

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