Trailer Into REaction: Titans, Season 3 (2021) | Official Teaser Trailer

In the name of full disclosure I have to admit that I don’t recall having seen a full episode of DC Universe’s – I mean HBOMax’s – Titans, based on the characters introduced in the Teen Titans comic.

Though that’s not because I didn’t try, but because the show is so murky that it doesn’t exactly invite initial viewings, never mind repeat ones.

A problem with the DCEU (the DC Extended Universe) movies – and to a lesser extend the television shows – they seem to think that everything is The Dark Knight.

Superman? Make him like Batman and call it a day.

The Teen Titans? Why not make them like – I don’t know – Batman and place them in a milieu that’s bears little if any resembles to that they were in in the comics!

It just confuses me.

By way of example, the Netflix series based on the Punisher, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage – while they weren’t without their problems – got the essential nature of the characters as well as their visual esthetic down pat.

Shows like Titans? Not so much.

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