Some may consider the image circled in red as ‘stealing’ – it’s the front section of an Eagle transporter, from Gerry Anderson’s “Space: 1999″ – which from a certain perspective is understandable. Though, if you look even closer, there’s innovation involved. When you’re working with a limited budget, sometimes necessity is the mother of invention. […]

Space 2099 Concept Designs

Here are a few concept pics, courtesy of io9, of the upcoming series Space 2099.  Being concept pics, they work only as an introduction to what the re-imagining of the series will be like, yet even a relatively limited capacity as that they offer a glimpse into what Jace Hall, the producer of the upcoming […]

‘Space: 2099’ The Future Is Fantastic!

Remember when George Lucas went back to the first three films in his Star Wars Saga and “tweaked” the special effects?  It bothered me a bit because the first three films are iconic, and their effects were state of the art at the time that they were made. The wholesale re-editing of scenes is another […]