Is Star Wars Too Massive To Fail?

No franchise is too big to fail, though typically a decline–the same logic applies to whether we’re discussing movie franchises or nations– comes before a fall. And that’s important because if you pay attention to the signs you may be able to delay or even avert a worse-case scenario. The Last Jedi is taking a […]

There’s No Anti-Venom For Dumb

According to The Wrap Sony is releasing a movie based on Venom–last seen in Sam Raimi’s 2007’s Spider-Man 3, which I will return to shortly–October 5th of 2018. The ‘dumb’ is that this version of Venom will apparently  exist independently of Marvel Studios’ upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming which is a bit odd since Venom was introduced in […]

Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead -Review

“Apparently, No One Told Director Tommy Wirkola That Sometimes Too Much Is Just Too Much.” Have you ever known a person that you enjoyed being around, despite that they always seem to try way too hard to be the center of attention? You may like them as an individual, but wish that they would just tone […]

No Crossovers: Why 20th Century Fox & Sony Need To Go It Alone

I understand why some fans of characters like the Fantastic Four, Wolverine, Spider-Man and The Avengers want to see all their favorite heroes on the screen at the same time.  Imagine the Avengers..avenging, when Spider-Man swings by or the X-Men encountering Iron man or Captain America?  It’s not impossible, though it is very unlikely because […]

The Amazing Spider-Man Web Site Is Live

The web site for Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” has been live for a few days now, and from what I have heard about the film–beyond a basic plot synopsis–I find disappointing because it appears that they’re going to tackle his origin. Again. For the most part I enjoyed Sam Raimi’s take on the character–with […]